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Backporch Wines

We serve a selection of wines that include some of our very favorites from other Virginia vineyards, along with our very own label that we're very proud to have grown, bottled, and shared over these past few years.

Our wines are sold by the glass, bottle, and case - or you can order a flight to get a taste of them all!

Here's a look at what we currently have on the menu.


Freeman's Red Oak - Chambourcin

Our only sweet red wine, Chambourcin is a French American hybrid. Its unique flavor blends a light pepper spice with hints of cherry and raspberry. finishing with a mellow tannin, this red can be served chilled or at room temperature.

Sunset Red - Cabernet Franc

The Cabernet Franc is a medium bodied red wine aged in Hungarian oak. It is a lighter red with floral notes of pepper and tobacco and a smooth tannin finish.

Chestnut Oak Merlot

Estate grown Merlot gives a deep ruby color. Smoky aromas mix with ripe red fruit on the nose. Enjoy this smooth tannic wine with sharp cheddar cheese.

Rocking Chair Red - Cabernet Sauvignon

Aged in Hungarian oak, this rich Cabernet Sauvignon is smoky and complex with dark fruit flavors. It leaves you wanting to come back for more.

Backporch Petit Verdot

This Petit Verdot displays the trademark dark fruit notes, but in a softer style. The finish chalky tannins.

Backporch Country Blend

This blend of Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Sauvignon is aged in French and Hungarian Oak for 14 months.

Cave Ridge Fandango

This dessert style wine is made in old world style by strengthening the wine and then aging in barrels previously used for bourbon. Use of the Chambourcin grape in making tis select wine demonstrates the versatility of this French hybrid variety. Enjoy with fried fruits and Stilton cheese.


Andrea's Flock Chardonnay

Aged in stainless steel, this Chardonnay has fruit highlights that shine through with hints of lemon, apple and pear. This dry white wine is one of Virginia's favorites. For each bottle purchased, $1 is donated to the Team Drea Foundation working to make a world without ALS.

Chestnut Oak Alba

100% Viognier fermented cold and aged 10 months in stainless steel. Light florally, pear, and a delightful mineral tone unite in an exceptionally clean wine.

Backporch Golden Meadows Traminette

A sweet/semi-sweet white wine not heavy on taste, with a clean refreshing citrus lemon/lime finish. Great refreshing wine by itself or delicious with lemon, orange or regular pound cake.

Good Luck Cellars Chardonel

This semi-sweet white hybrid grape grows well in Virginia's climate. The high natural acid gives this wine a crisp green apple flavor with a honey/citrus floral.

77 Steps Riesling

A German vineyard favorite, the Riesling white grape is known for its sweetness and acidity. This sweet/acid blends to add freshness to the taste and aroma. Made from Shenandoah grown Riesling grapes.

Two Rivers Riesling - Off Dry Riesling

Off dry Riesling that has a great crisp texture with just the right amount of dryness for a smooth finish.

Cave Ridge Blanc de Blanc

The estate grown Blanc de Blanc is 100% Riesling. It is naturally sparkling made in the Charmat method. Cave ridge Vineyard is family-owned and operated and located in the foothills overlooking the Shenandoah Valley, which is world-renowned for its scenic beauty and history. Low rainfall and deep rocky limestone soil make this an ideal location for growing the highest quality grapes to make our own wines. 


Backporch Breeze Rose

This semi-sweet Rose' has a light texture to taste but ends with a medium body full of flavor. Made with Cabernet Franc.

Seasonal Specialties

Sunset Red Sangria

Autumn Apple Sangria

White Wine Slushie

A sweet summer treat made with our very own 77 Steps Riesling.

Red Wine Slushie

A favorite made using the Freeman's Red Oak - Chambourcin

Mixed Slushie

Can't decide? Why not go for the mix?

Mulled Wine

We can't think of a better way to warm up on a cold winter's day!

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