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Our Story

Backporch Vineyard broke ground in 2019 when the Amish started building the barn we now call home. Within 30 days the exterior of the barn was finished, and a short while later the electricity and running water was added.

What had started out as a conversation between neighbors has now become a reality (ask Rick about the 77 steps...). Just a few short years later and we're thankful that Backporch has grown into a wonderful little community, becoming a place where families come together, where friendships bloom, and where memories are made to last a lifetime.

It's been the best journey so far, and we're so excited to see what the future holds! Whether you've been with us from the start, or you're yet to visit, you are so welcome to join us at one of our events, or why not just drop by for a glass of wine on the porch?

We can't wait to see you!

Rick & Lorrie

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